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English Tutoring K-12: Australian Curriculum

We combine Real English Tutors with Online Learning and rewards.

English Wiz is so easy for children to learn from and supports exactly what your children are learning at School. No guessing what to learn next as we create a learning plan especially for your child, and it is all backed up by real English tutors.    VIEW MATHS

English Tutoring starts with identifying your childs level

When your child starts with us, the first thing our English tutors do is identify what level your child is at. Our tutors will then create a learning plan specifically for your child.

Personalised learning

Every Monday we will set your child activities to complete for the week using the English Wiz online program. The activities are selected especially for your child based on their progress and results, giving your child the perfect blend of revision and new learning. That way you know your child is working at the level right for them and they are being guided through the Curriculum at their pace.

  • Revision and catch up: The first phase of the learning program is to target knowledge gaps to help your child become more confident and ready to learn what is being taught in class.
  • Consolidation: Once your child has caught up, they are ready to consolidate and practise what is being taught in class. This is an exciting phase for children, as their hard work really starts to show in the classroom.
  • Extension: Once they have consolidated what is being taught in class, children are ready to start progressing ahead of the class. These kids begin to find school much easier and saves them time doing school homework.

How English Wiz works

English Wiz, utilises the power of the computer to engage children, making learning interactive and fun. It is great for beginner readers right through to kids preparing for their Y12 exams.

It's like a one-to-one English tutor which teaches and tests your child providing your child all the support, practise and revision they need. The program covers all the literacy skills and when combined with our tutors ensures your child has all the literacy skills to succeed in the classroom.

Real English Tutors

When joining Kinetic Education your family is assigned a tutor. Your tutor is responsible for making sure your children get off to a great start and oversees the personalised learning plan set for your child.

Our English tutors are especially great for helping children expand their writing skills. Your child can send their writing activities to our tutors who can help with punctuation, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, putting ideas on paper, argumentative writing, poetry, text responses, expression, objective writing etc. Our tutors can help your child take their writing skills to a whole new level. When combining the English Wiz programs with our English tutors you can be confident your child has all the literacy support they need.

Parents are also encouraged to speak to our tutors, where we can discuss your child's progress, the amount of work we are setting for your child and strategies to help your child progress. We have tutors for all year levels


We get that most kids are not ready to understand the big picture. So they need extra motivation to help them get into regular study habits.

With Kinetic Education we reward your child with points as they learn. The cool thing is they get to spend these points to enter competitions; to win real prizes or even better, buy real prizes such as Smiggle gift cards, movie tickets and WISH gift cards.

That combined with their weekly lesson plans – helps create great study habits and gets results.

"The tutoring and support from the team exceeded my expectations."
- Angelica, Sydney.
Junior Primary
Early activities are the first steps in gaining "phonemic awareness" - relating speech to the written word.
  • Beginner reading for the crucial early grades of school.
  • Combines reading, listening, learning and playing.
  • Phonics activities for reading and spelling.
  • The alphabet
  • Phonics
Upper Primary
Young readers can learn gradually, at their own pace, through practice and exploration of the ideas introduced in the lessons.
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence building
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Reading and comprehension
English Wiz 3 helps Secondary School students improve their grammar, spell correctly, use correct punctuation and write more interesting sentences.
Tutorials have voice-overs to improve understanding and make learning more enjoyable.
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Creative writing
  • Punctuation
Senior Secondary
The emphasis is on achieving a high standard in essay writing and comprehension skills.
  • Comprehension
  • Dictated spelling tests
  • Classic literature
  • Poetry analysis
  • Text analysis
  • Grammar
  • Essay writing
  • Language analysis
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Our Programs Include:

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