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High school tutoring can make all the difference in helping your child reach their full potential in the classroom. Kinetic Education offers personalised learning and one-on-one tutor support for students at all levels. Whether your child is starting High School or is preparing for their final exams, Kinetic has you covered. Following the National Curriculum, we combine real tutors and online learning to ensure we cover everything your child needs to succeed. Our tutors work with students to create tailored lesson plans based on their learning needs and goals.

Benefits of High School Tutoring

  • Preparation for high school exams such as the SACE, QCE, VCE, WACE, HSC, TCE, ACT SSC, and NTCE
  • One-on-one support from experienced tutors
  • Personalised learning plans tailored to your child's needs
  • Improved understanding of difficult concepts
  • Increased confidence and academic performance
  • Provided a sustainable study routine
  • Test preparation and guidance in study techniques
  • Improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Improved prospects for higher education and career success

We've helped thousands of high school students in Australia

Kinetic Education has helped over 78,000 students with our online tutoring in Australia. Our program has been tried and tested making sure your child receives the support and encouragement they need to start thriving.

Reviews from High School Students and Parents

Maha - Mother of Year 9 student

“It's systematic, the lesson plans and the tutor who is always in touch. And I love how kinetic has planned a syllabus according to my son's knowledge gaps and his strengths.”

Nada - Academic Scholarship

“Maths Wiz and English Wiz has provided me with knowledge to improve my academic ability which in turn has assisted me to be awarded one of my school's academic scholarships.”

Crystal - Mother of Year 7 Student

“Every week there are reports generated so that I could track the progress of my son. He started to make phone calls to his tutors when he needed help. Having tutor-learner interaction is a great bonus for online learning method.”

Edward - Year 10 Student

“It helps with time management and be more organized. Also with weekly reports it keep you motivated.”

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Affordable High School Tutoring

Kinetic Education is proud to offer the most affordable tutoring service in the country. Designed to meet the needs of students in all states and territories across Australia. We understand the financial burden that high school tutoring can have on families, but that should not get in the way of getting your child the support they need. With Kinetic Education, you can be sure that your child is receiving the best possible support at a price that you can afford.

Real High School Tutors That You Can Call

Along with our personalised lesson plans, we offer live tutor support to guide and encourage your child as they learn. Our experienced tutors are only a phone call away and use screen share technology to support your child on their learning journey with Kinetic Education. Our high school tutoring program offers regular live support every week with tutors to ensure they have the help they need when they need it. Tutors also provide parents with updates and feedback. You will no longer have to wait until the end of the term to know how your child is tracking.

Initial Assessment and Customised Learning Plan

We understand that every student has unique needs and learning styles. That's why we offer an initial assessment to identify areas that need improvement and areas where a student needs to be challenged. Based on this assessment, we create a custom learning plan tailored to each student. Our experienced tutors provide one-on-one support to help your child bridge knowledge gaps and improve their performance. With the support of our tutors, students gain the confidence and clarity they need to excel.

Motivation and Encouragement - Rewards and Prizes

Kinetic Education's high school tutoring offers an exciting and engaging learning experience. We want your child to feel motivated and empowered to do their best. That is why we have implemented a rewards program where your child can earn points as they learn. With our rewards program, students can earn points when reaching academic milestones and win real prizes. Incentivised learning helps students see the positive impact of their hard work and encourages consistency.

Your High School Tutoring Questions Answered

How do I enrol my child in Kinetic's high school tutoring?

To enrol your child in Kinetic's high school tutoring, visit our website and fill out the registration form. One of our Education Specialists will contact you to discuss your child's learning needs and schedule their first tutoring session.

How does Kinetic Education personalise its high school tutoring program?

Kinetic Education provides an assessment to understand your child's strengths and weaknesses. From these results, tutors develop a personalised learning plan based on what your child needs to improve or be challenged on.

How much does Kinetic Education's high school tutoring program cost?

Kinetic Education high school tutoring program offers affordable pricing starting at just $29 per week.

What year levels do Kinetic offer high school tutoring for?

Kinetic Education offers high school tutoring services for students from year 7 to year 12. We also provide primary school tutoring.

What support is available for parents in Kinetic Education's high school tutoring program?

Kinetic Education provides a parental helpline for any questions or concerns. Tutors also provide regular updates on how your child is progressing.

Does Kinetic Education offer high school maths tutoring?

Yes, Kinetic Education offers high school Maths tutoring. Following the National Curriculum to ensure we cover everything your child needs to know to excel in Maths class.

Does Kinetic Education offer high school English tutoring?

Yes, Kinetic Education offers high school English tutoring. Whether your child struggles with grammar, punctuation, or essay writing, our tutors are here to help. We focus on building a strong foundation in the skills your child needs to excel in English.

Does Kinetic Education offer high school tutoring for state and territory certificate of education exams?

Yes, Kinetic Education provides high school tutoring to help students prepare for state and territory high school exams. Whether your child is completing their SACE, QCE, VCE, WACE, HSC, TCE, ACT SSC, or NTCE, our program covers what they need to know. Our experienced tutors support students to get them exam ready! With our support, students can improve their subject knowledge, exam-taking skills, and confidence.

What qualifications do Kinetic's high school tutors have?

Kinetic Education's experienced high school tutors are all trained in-house and based in Australia. All tutors work to Kinetic Education's standards in providing personalised support to children of all abilities.

Is Kinetic Education's high school tutoring near me?

Busy parents always ask - where can I find high school tutoring near me? Kinetic Education's online tutoring program offers a flexible and accessible way to study anywhere in Australia. As long as your child has access to a reliable internet connection, they are good to go!

So many happy families


"Maths Wiz is really exciting, it never gets boring because you can follow what you’re doing at school and sometimes you can even skip ahead a bit and so when you get to learning that at school you already know it."

Ebony, Grade 5 Student

"The programs can give parents a great sense of direction and a sense of structured involvement which will give them great satisfaction. Most children will learn much better. It’s interactive, individualized, special, and it works."

Dr Janet Hall, Psychologist

"I found the programs to be equivalent to a personal tutor for me. I managed to attain not only a high score, but a deep feeling of satisfaction in that I had done my best and had gone beyond my limits."

Sherry, Grade 12 Student

"I am most impressed that, using the Maths Wiz program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the 'hard work' which is generally associated with learning mathematics through the conventional methods."

George Moran, Principal

"To me it's better than school as it's a lot more fun. I really enjoy using the computer. I try and use the program every week and I do get most of my activities done. I'm feeling happier about my studies."

Georgia, Grade 6

"Maths Wiz is really exciting, it never gets boring because you can follow what you’re doing at school and sometimes you can even skip ahead a bit and so when you get to learning that at school you already know it."

Ebony, Grade 5 Student

28 years - some of our partners over the journey